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Quilting constantly updated technology

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Primary quilting process

Quilting is used long needle sewing has layers of textiles, make the cotton, etc. For example, in bedding sheets by tire and general appearance of two parts, the basketwork tire material and the womb and coaga fibre. Loose fibre of bedding tire core structure and shape is not fixed, shrinkage, flow uneven thickness. In order to make the sheets darkened tj.kang and outer tiejin, bedding between fixed unifor thickness, will be darkened by side by side with the outer textiles straight or decorative pattern and suture (including stitch), the increase of aesthetic and practical, called quilting, after this sewing the bedding, called serveral problems or quilting, quilting pad. In the past, quilting products by hand, basic product is mainly quilting and quilting mat, they generally used in the family with the difference between the sheets is more a quilting procedure, operation procedure is first after quilting. By the way, the processing of households mill is low yield, tolerance, operation process is complicated. Fifteen years ago, mechanical quilting machines more into China, high output, good consistency, but the figure is simple, change, not less, can pour in order to give priority to, the processing of composite material and core.

Intermediate quilting process

Now there are still some manufacturers use handmade and mechanical quilting machines for quilting production. Because of these two kinds of method has its own shortcomings, therefore has gradually been more advanced computer quilting production technology. Computer quilting machines with the traditional mechanical quilting machines, compared to only half the breakthrough into simple pattern of coordinate functions. The computer control system in the precise, computer quilting function on the whole system perfect treatment of various complicated design, production speed, mechanical properties and noise pollution index is past, the mechanical machine can"t compare with. Through the use of advanced computer technology, quilting, reduce the cost to improve labor productivity, quilting products production process automation, manufacturers make more practical and beautiful products to meet the needs of the broad masses of life at a profit to seek development, therefore, computer quilting machines eliminated mechanical quilting machines is an inevitable trend.

Senior quilting process

Intelligent complete production mode, choose and employ persons, high efficiency, less good quality.

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