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Mattress machinery Market Research Report

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The pattern recognition of hair mattress machinery computer quilting embroidery machine compensation in Quilting computer quilting machine a figure, timing acquisition pattern and recognition pattern parameters, on-line correction was performed according to the pattern of parameter identification. Since the fabric deformation, the starting point of cheap tricks, therefore need to have a choice of the online correction. One is to maintain the pattern of the shape invariant;

The two is to maintain the pattern of location invariant. Try to keep the same position, will be because of lattice points in the cheap, quilted pattern deformation; in order to keep figure shape, then calibrated in basic sewing point excursion, is quilted pattern position shift. According to the definition of the network computer quilting embroidery machine, computer multi needle quilting machine is a kind of can also work together with a plurality of needle, with continuous, regular stitch suture computer quilting machines fabric. It was used in the production of clothing, bedding and decorative fabrics, particularly the application in the greenhouse heat preservation quilt quilting quilting mattress, bedding and all kinds of advanced, home decoration and so on various pattern. Is a mattress machinery equipment is common, quilting speed, smooth and beautiful stitch suture out generous, features have also advanced function of disconnection stops..

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