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Quilting machine for textile and light industry to bring new opportunity with

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China established throughout the withering economy degree in long-term strategy, quilting machine for textile slightly light industrial property promotion brings new opportunity.China"s accession to the WTO, quilting and overseas parties or area reaches from being the cover range has been expanded trade, as well as China"s trade surplus and a large number of foreign exchange reserves, these are helpful for Chinese textile slightly light industrial expansion overseas advanced technology, conservative equipment, excellent material, attract earlier conservative manufacturing enterprises and research institutions, to slow industry technology transformation, throughout the property has no foot sense innovation aftereffect.The new century 6 years, Chinese textile equipment manufacturing industry has been a serious stagnation and retrogression, the high investment and the Hong Kong and Macao enterprises" profit is occupied 38.05%, sale is occupied 31.34%, entrance delivery value accounted for 64.3%.Conservative foreign manufacturing enterprises are China led factory supporting the retrogression and domestic parts factory retrogression, exchange a win-win.Domestic market is the Chinese textile industry"s first major position in 2000, over a range of export enterprises accounted for the proportion is six seven dollar, it is 70% seven.Globalization to Chinese enterprises on Chinese quilting machine market grasping force brought formidable challenge.

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